Truventis health and Medical marketing

Truventis works with healthcare ORGANIZATIONS to drive BRAND, improve outreach, and ACHIEVE new patients and revenue.

Truventis works with providers, practices, and hospitals to support your digital presence and improve patient communication. Based on our extensive experience, we've created an integrated model that employs digital, social, and traditional media to drive results.

Our "circle of influence" approach below is a powerful way to find and convert new patients in an increasingly competitive medical environment.


Truventis new Patient acquisition Model

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Medical Specialties

• Allergy

• Anesthesiology

• Audiology

• Bariatric

• Cardiology

• Cosmetic Surgery

• Dental

• Dermatology


• Family Practice

• Gastroenterology

• Hospitals

• Lasik

• Neurology


• Ophthalmology

• Orthodontic

• Orthopedic

• Pain Management

• Physical Therapy

• Plastic Surgery

• Primary Care

• Psychology

• Pulmonology

• Radiology

• Sleep Center

• Urgent Care

• Urology

• Vascular Surgery

• Veterinarian

• Weight Loss Services


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