Professional Services Marketing: Focus on Expertise

Promoting specific expertise drives a higher return on digital marketing.

Why? Overall brand remains important, but clients are increasingly searching for specific expertise first before considering the firm.

In addition, there are three additional reasons why a focus on expertise also drives higher return: 1) it supports online search where specificity wins (key words drive search), 2) it helps the client find what their looking for quickly increasing value, and 3) it allows the firm to present a differentiator(s).

To do this effectively, the CMO and marketing team must strategically focus on areas than drive demand and reach an audience. It also requires having a deep understanding of the client mindset, so that content is on point.

How do you execute against this? We offer 5 quick tips:

  • Target the best opportunities: Identify the topic areas and target clients that hold the highest and best potential for return. Also target those areas where you can establish a credible case for expertise and build a following. 
  • Build your online assets around specificity: This means creating blogs (and potentially multiple Twitter feeds) that are highly focused and target a specific audience. By being more targeted, the audience will find the content worth following over time creating a following.
  • Use your CRM wisely: The firm’s CRM database isn’t much value if it’s not populated with data that’s aligned to your strategic focus. Build out key segments that are appropriate for your targeted areas. This requires professionals across the firm be involved and support the effort.
  • Create a mix of media: In addition to the standard e-mail updates, videos and podcasts are gaining traction. These offer a means to introduce your key personnel and their expertise. These also work well on mobile devices, where more than half of your audience will access them.
  • Actively promote content: Firms will often work on a piece of content only to ‘hope’ someone sees it. To build an audience, it requires actively and consistently promoting content. Beyond e-mail, this could be paid LinkedIn promotion to the target audience, video promotion, and even direct mail.

By creating highly targeted content that showcases expertise, your firm will be able to differentiate and build a loyal audience over time. It’s a long run strategy that maximizes your content creation efforts and promotes “top of mind” positioning.