New Ranking for Mobile Sites - What Does It Mean?

Google recently announced that as of April 21st it will be giving more importance to mobile-friendly websites and information.

The reason? In a recent conference, a Google executive noted that 53% of search now comes from mobile devices.

At Truventis, we’re seeing this trend as well. More of the comments or clicks on our client Facebook pages are now coming from mobile devices. This gives us an accurate picture of mobile versus desktop use to look at social and web sites by patients.

Another trend promoting mobile use is what’s called the “second screen” effect.

Many of us now watch TV or spend time with the family after work or on weekends with our smart phone in hand. We may be watching television, but we’re also looking at texts, social media posts, e-mail and more.

What does this mean for medical practices?

It means that having a mobile-friendly website (a site that recognizes mobile devices and is easy to use) is fast becoming a necessity - not a “nice to have” addition.

The key, however, is to keep your mobile site simple.

Have a good sense of what your patients will most likely be looking for on a mobile site (directions, phone number, office hours, etc.). Leave longer items such as blog posts or patients forms for your regular website.

This will make sure your mobile site is less cluttered and therefore easier to use.