5 Ways to Grow Your Practice in 2016

You've got limited time and resources - so where should you focus for practice growth in 2016? Here are our top five:

Mobile Compatible

Most people use their smart phone far more than their desktop or even tablet. Make sure your website is mobile friendly. There are two key reasons for this: 1) if your website isn’t mobile responsive it’s likely your prospective patients will go elsewhere, and 2) Google now gives better rankings to mobile friendly websites.


Video will continue it’s sharp rise in 2016. Patients are overloaded with information, making video quick and easy for the user. By watching a video, prospective patients can get also get a sense of the doctor(s), staff, and office – making them more likely to call your office. Video also helps you show up on search engines.

Social Credibility

If your social media is poor, it detracts from people’s perception of your office. Not only should it be consistently up to date, it should also reflect things your patients are experiencing. Positive comments from patients, stating their admiration for the doctor, positive office experience, also help significantly.


Medical practices need to pay attention to reviews. This is something that can no longer be ignored, since many prospective patients will look at Yelp, Facebook, Healthgrades, etc. when looking up a doctor or practice. Your practice must be proactive in requesting reviews preferably electronically.


Using e-mail newsletters or updates may seem dated, but they remain an excellent way to stay in touch with patients with pertinent information. In addition, since most patients will read them on their smart phone, it’s a great way to reach people on their mobile device. Make sure the format you use is mobile friendly.