Patient Trust is Sinking: Three Ways to Reinforce Your Medical Brand

Patients are deluged with information and trust for institutions is low. By being consistent, however, you can break through the clutter and reinforce your reputation.


Most consumer surveys show a downward trend in the trust of institutions. Your organization may not enjoy as much trust as it once did. We recommend three steps to help combat this trend:

1. Focus on Core Messages

A good marketing strategy clearly defines strong core messages, and focuses these on relentlessly.

These should be driven by regional needs, the patient base, current public beliefs, and/or concerns about your institution. These core messages can also be incorporated into content about specific services and departments.

2. Visuals Drive Perception

In the online space, visual elements drive perception more than text. This means photography, videos, and other visual elements drive how people take in your content.

This is why we highly recommend an increase in the use of video. Even simple, short videos are more impactful than text. In fact, less produced videos are often more effective and ‘authentic’. Studies also show patients are more likely to call or stay on your website longer after watching a video than reading text.

3. Link with Highly Quality Brands

People now look to partners for clues around quality. This is why reviews have taken off in many industries including healthcare. We highly recommend being proactive by electronically seeking positive reviews from patients via managed platforms.

In addition, linking with respected universities or other entities through highlighted research, studies, events, or co-branded services can reinforce trust and set your institution apart.